JC Chasez 30-Day Challenge

1. How did you first find out about JC? 

- Through *NSYNC, of course :) I always (distinctively) knew him as ‘the guy who holds that really long note in Bye Bye Bye.’ 

2. 1st JC song you ever heard (Group and/or solo) 

  • - Group > Tearin’ Up My Heart
  • - Solo > Some Girls Dance With Women

3. 1st JC merchandise owned (Group and/or solo) 

  • - Group > *NSYNC cd
  • - Solo > Schizophrenic cd

4. 1st JC music video you ever saw (Group and/or solo) 

  • Group > Bye Bye Bye, I think, is the first one I remember seeing. Although, I think I saw Tearin’ Up My Heart before.
  • - Solo > Some Girls Dance With Women 

5. Describe JC/why you love him. 

This is probably the most loaded question on here. In short, he’s extremely talented, he’s adorable, handsome, intelligent, he never says anything negative about anyone or anything and he’s always respectful in interviews, and he supports his friends on their projects. I love the way he values his privacy. I love the way he speaks, so intellectually. I love the way his eyes become ‘squinty’ whenever he smiles and laughs genuinely. He’s so underrated. He works hard, and doesn’t get the credit he deserves. He doesn’t make a big fuss about that, and that’s another thing I love about him. And, I love that hes so passionate about performing and always refers to music as his passion. He seems like a great person and tutor who has a lot of experience, a lot of opinions, and I always love to hear what he has to say.

6. Fave thing about JC.

- The man has a hell of a voice. 

7. Best/fave feature.

The blue eyes, his dark hair, his jaw and I love his arms. He has a lot of great features, okay? ;) 

8. Fave JC hairstyle.

He’s rocked maybe 7 or 8 out of the 10 hairstyles he’s probably ever had, but I think his hair looks best when he has it cut short ^_^ 

9. Least fave JC hairstyle.

I was never into the really, really long straight hair.

10. Fave picture of JC.

- No idea why, because I’ve seen a lot of fantastic pictures of him, but I’m drawn to this one in particular. I guess it’s because I love pictures of him on stage or holding a mic. 

11. Least fave picture of JC.

12. Fave outfit on JC.

- Plain white t shirt, dark jeans.

13. Least fave outfit on JC.

- I love this picture, but I keep thinking of him wearing this out in public somewhere and I shudder. There’re a lot more bad outfit photos though, as all *NSYNC/JC fans know. Haha! It’ll take too long to find them all though, so I’ll settle with this one.

14. Fave song from Schizophrenic.

 - Lose Myself

15. Least fave song from Schizophrenic.

- Mercy

16. Fave unreleased solo song. 

- You Ruined Me

17. Least fave unreleased solo song. 

- La La Land

I like the song, but in comparison to the rest of unreleased solo songs, this one is probably the one I’d play the least.

18. All time favorite JC song. (Group and/or solo) 

- Group > Selfish (because he co-wrote it), I Don’t Want to Spend One More Christmas Without You (because his voice is beautiful on it)

- Solo > Lose Myself 

19. Fave JC music video. 

- Some Girls Dance With Women

I wish he had made some more solo music videos though. 

20. Fave JC interview. 

Off the top of my head, the one when he went on The Wayne Brady show. I love that one. 

21. Top 5 favorite JC lyrics. 

  • "But the days go by and, things get better." Dear Goodbye
  • "I’m sleeping with the memory, I’m sleeping with regret, I’m sleeping with the fantasy that I can’t let go of yet." I’m Not Sleeping Alone
  • "I’m swimming in my abyss of insecure blue." Lose Myself
  • "I will not stumble, I will not fumble, I will not crumble, I won’t fall." Drop The Ball
  • "All I wanna do is leave, but all I can do is stay." You Ruined Me.

22. Favorite JC photoshoot.

23. Favorite JC quote.

  • "The main thing is to be yourself. You’re never going to have any fun if you’re always trying to prove something." - JC Chasez
  • "Because… yes." - JC Chasez (That one’s a classic so I had to include it.”

24. Favorite JC gif.

- Because… yes.

25. Ever see JC live in concert? If so, when & where? 

- Nope :(

26. Ever meet JC? If so, when & where?

Never met him either.

27. Fave/funniest JC moment.

- ANY time he begins to laugh hysterically, so I guess my funniest JC moment would be the time he was cracking up on the bus in The Reel *NSYNC.

28. JC asked you out! What would you do & where would you go?

Hahaha. Oh, this question. In all honesty, I’d stay at home, spend the entire evening in the living room, watch comedies, and eat pizza. That right there is my ideal date. 

29. Replace you last name with Chasez. 

- Amirah Chasez. 

I can’t believe this thing just made me type that.

30. One thing you wish JC would or should do.

- Sing. I don’t care what he sings, or even if he decides to release new album. I just want to know that he’s working on new material and that in the end, I get to hear it. I just want him to keep making music for himself.